Based in Birmingham at the heart of Great Britain, Moflash Signalling is one of the leading independent manufacturers of alarms and signalling devices in the UK. Formed from the Moflash Company Co Ltd in 1998, the company has grown dramatically over the last 19 years with the introduction of a number of new product lines and the acquisition of signalling products from other manufacturers such as the Klaxon range of hooters and horns, now produced in the Moflash factory. The company produces a wide range of devices including Incandescent Beacons – both flashing and static, LED Beacons, Xenon Beacons and Rotating Beacons.

Our customer base spans from electrical wholesalers/contractors to distribution organisations, original equipment manufacturers and a variety of end users such as mining, manufacturing, electrical and gas utilities to name but a few.
With its programme of development, Moflash is in a strong position to keep meeting the increasing demands of a safety conscious world. With a dedicated team based in the UK and through the excellent relationships formed with local distributors and partners, Moflash can successfully promote and sell its product range to over 70 countries worldwide.
Our products are always available to meet the customer’s needs and Moflash can modify or design a beacon to your specific needs.

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