Unistrut International

Unistrut has been the leading supplier of metal framing systems for over 80 years. We specialise in Metal Framing, Cable Management and our products and services are synonymous with engineering excellence and reliability worldwide.

Over eighty years of innovation

Unistrut began developing and manufacturing products during the 1930s, producing the original Unistrut metal framing system. Our extensive product portfolio now includes a variety of cable management solutions and advanced metal framing systems.

Sharing our experience, knowledge and expertise

We continue to make investments in our people, products and services. Our ability to share our experience and knowledge with our customers is the key to our success in a wide range of industry sectors.

Part of the Atkore International family

Atkore is a major manufacturer and innovator with a unique focus on steel frame, pipe and electrical products. As part of the Atkore family we can draw on a variety of technologies, products and experience from Atkore companies throughout the world.

In addition to Unistrut Metal Framing which we proudly invented, Unistrut now offers Cable Management as part of our Electrical Product Range. Ask for us by NAME! Everyone does!

Cable Ladder

Cable Tray

Wire Baskets